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tv   [untitled]    August 7, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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ballpark and officers from the region from 15 agencies competing in a motorized skills competition. it was very well attended and officer ray padmore who is one of the bicycle instructors took the children off for a bicycle safety class and their own skills competition and a size down if you will course. they did better than i did. last night was national night out all over the city. every district had an action. clyde covered southern and tenderloin for me as you heard. i was at bay view, park, northern and bay view, northern and -- we just missed mini-- park. the mayor was out. the bay view had three this year. very well attended. a lot of
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people were fed and a lot of fun and there was swriewm everywhere and the buy back is at us bank and 22nd and cap street and $100 for any handgun or rifle non assault type. any assault rifle would fetch $200. we encourage anybody to turn in whatever guns you have. any gun off the street is a good gun off the street and then this saturday is our second academy jamboree and the recruits have been working through their time and invited up to the academy with the families. it's from nine to one. it's a lot of fun. we expect many youth from the city. we did boys and girls club the first time. we will have
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presentati officers on horses and other things and putting them in contact with the cops which is a good thing and lastly there was a heightened security mention in the media. this was due to the action taken world wide at consulates. we have a lot of consulates in the city, infrastructure in the city. again we're a destination place so it wasn't so much that the officers did anything over and above other than making their presence felt among the critical infrastructure and consulates and holy places. it's similar to what we do anytime the national threat level is raised and around the holy days and we haven't had anything so far but it's good for training and when we have so many new officers and they're
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get familiar with the district. we're having a bank robbery series. these are the high jump robbers. they appear to be very coordinated both in their skills of jumping onto the counters and actually timing how long they're in these banks, so we encourage the public that if you see someone around the local branch or bank and don't belong and please call and we're working with the fbi and actively pursuing information and hopefully we have a resolution soon. >> great thank you chief. any questions for the chief regarding statistics and recent events? hearing none please call line item 4b occ personnel report. >> (inaudible). >> that's right. sorry about that. >> do the fdrb. >> sorry sergeant crudeo.
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>> sorry. thank you. thanks for your patience. president mazzucco, commissioners, director hicks, chief suhr, my name is sergeant john crudeo and with the office of internal affairs and with the officer involved shooting team. i'm going to talk about the officer involved sheeting investigations, our status report for the last quarter and the fdrb summary. the fire discharge review board -- we will start with that. the second quarter the board was convened on june 20, 2013 and we reviewed two cases that were concluded. the investigations were concluded. those case are listed here. the voting members are shown here consisted of
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deputy chief chin who was the chair, deputy chief loftus and smid t and beale and the members were vice president truman, director hicks was president. and staff from the risk management officer and sergeant [inaudible] -- >> [inaudible] >> sorry. with respect to officer involved shooting 13-004 this case was presented by inspector mcdonald and occurred in dublin california on the home of the officer involved. the officer was off duty and cleaning a weapon when he had an accidental discharge which struck his leg. he was in the process of repairing a weapon and had actually forgotten if he had loaded the weapon and struck his leg and recovering from the injury at this time. he is
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back in a limited capacity, and the finding on the case was not in policy. the other discharge we looked at was one occurred that in alfred lake in 2013. in this case a dog charged an officer who was investigating a man that he had seen that was unresponsive and slumped over -- he was slumped over the dog and the dog charged and the officer fired twice and that was determined to be in policy. those were the cases we reviewed and forwarded to through the fdrb to the chief. you have the reports i believe. they were submitted june 26. we will get into it in a moment and i prepared this last week and there are some changes and i will put you on your toes. in
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the second quarter and the open case from 2011 as you see in the copies that you have we have five cases open and the status is pending and close the helped report and finish off the investigative investigation and i got it for 005 and that is moving forward. good news. 2012 cases, the open cases are these six. 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006. those are open investigations and the other cases are 13-001, 002, 003,
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004. that case was presented at the fdrb. that was the accidental discharge. 005, 006, 00 seven, so we have the two cases -- one case they mentioned closed. 13-004. a new case was started 13-007 and we now have the 17 cases open, but of course we have some changes. we had the da -- [inaudible] moving forward and we had progress with the da's office and good talks with them and we expect a number of letters coming out in short term. >> thank you sergeant and thank you for your work. when i was
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on the commission there were 10 times as many cases pending as now and thank you for your hard work. commissioners any questions for sergeant crudeo? hearing none i think you are free to go. >> i have question. thank you very much. whenever this comes up i always ask and according to who is the next commissioner and for the fire and discharge board and i haven't been there for a year plus and i am happy to do it if no one wants to. >> i haven't done it at all. >> do you want to go the next time and if you can't i will do it. >> whatever. i will defer to the schedule. >> i am glad you mentioned it. the next one is scheduled for september 19. it's penciled in now. i guess the administration bureau is just confirmed the chief's calendar and we have to make sure all who are going to be present are going to be present and we're holding a
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large block and this is a big one and we have a number of cases. >> then i won't go. >> sorry deputy chief. sorry sir. >> thank you. >> okay. so it's between me and you. >> we will figure out whoever is available. >> perfect. thank you sergeant. >> thank you. >> all right please call 4b. >> 4bocc discussion and review of recent activities. >> director hicks good evening. >> good evening president mazzucco and commissioners and members of the audience. last night the occ was also present at the national night out activities held at northern, mission and ingleside districts. last week attorney donna salazar did a role play on occ mediation to students at uc berkeley and next week i will provide the
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commission with the july monthly comprehensive statistical report and that concludes my report. >> thank you. commissioner truman. >> dr. hicks are those new glasses? >> let me see. >> they are my glasses. i normally wear "a" contact lens. >> they're very nice. >> thank you very much. >> make sure that gets in the minutes. >> director hicks is wearing glasses. >> thank you director. >> you are welcome. any other questions for the director? seeing don please call line item 4d -- actually c. >> commission reports, decision and commission reports and commissioner reports. >> i have nothing to report this evening commissioners. do you have anything to report? >> actually there is one report. the commissioner is back and i
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wanted to welcome you. >> i missed you guys too. >> and the commissioner was confirmed for additional four years and commissioner dejesus and dr. marshall are the originals. >> no, just dr. marshall. >> oh you're not. it's good to have you back petra. >> thank you very much. >> 4d. >> 4d and schedule announcements and items for consideration at future commission meetings. >> any announcements inspector monroe? >> next wednesday we will be here and the next week we are dark and we're in the community on the 28th on the gordon j lowell elementary school on clay street. 950 clay street and that will start at
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6:00 p.m. and also september fourth we're holding the medal of valor ceremonies at the legion of honor and that starts at 6:00 p.m. >> great. before we move to commissioner chin give us a break down and the report from the youth commission. can you run through what other items we have scheduled? i would like to check on the date on the presentation of the police reserves and the presentation regarding the social media policy for the officers. >> well the reserves is put off because he is on vacation and it's not until september 25 and we won't have a meeting because of the medal of valor ceremony. >> we're continuing to work on that. i don't think it's ready to be calendared yet. >> okay. i know the city attorney was on vacation too and
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if we get those two items in september that would be great. commissioner chin. >> my only item and let the commission know and you probably seen the letter and ask for an agenda item at a future meeting so they can talk about the joint meeting that we historically held a year ago and where we are and we have that calendared for next wednesday night. that's it. >> anything further? well, without further adieu public comment on line items four, a, b, c, d? any public comment? hearing none. public comment is now closed. please call line item five. >> public comment regarding to closed session and whether to hold item seven in closed session. >> all right gentlemen we're going to go into a privileged personal matter and can't be in
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public and subject to the constitution and the police officer's bills of rights and it's confidential. any public comment? hearing none public comment is closed. please call the next item. >> next item is whether to hold the item in closed session. >> i move. >> second. >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. we're now moving >> we are back in open session and we have a quorum. >> please call the next item. >> next item, line item 8, vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion on item 7 held in closed session. san francisco administrative code section 67.12 a, action. >> i move [inaudible]. >> second. [laughter]
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>> a slip of the tongue. [multiple voices] [multiple voices] >> all in favor? >> aye. >> please call the next item unless commissioner is going to object to an adjournment. >> line item 9, adjournment. >> can we have a motion? >> i move. >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you very much, everybody. [adjourned]
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>> good morning, everybody. it's sunny in san francisco, and we have a two-year budget. let's have fun. (applause) >> and i think maybe members of the board and other elected officials, but particularly the board, i think we're getting more and more used to calmness around our budget. and i really want to signal again my appreciation for the work and the hard work that it takes to have a unanimous vote at the board for passing the next two-year budget, which is very healthy. it's certainly a balanced budget. i'm proud of it. but how we got there was a
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reflection of a lot of good hard work and a lot of people to thank. i want to take this opportunity to thank the budget staff. they have been working really hard. and kate howard and steve, thank you very much for your leadership. (applause) >> and the entire budget staff is here. they continue to be labeled the fiscal geniuses of the city. they works, of course, very closely with our controller and ben rosenfield, your staff have been extremely supportive and helpful. thank you very much. (applause) >> then, of course, our supervisors, the entire board and their budget analyst. harvey, thank you again for working with us. (applause) >> and the entire board. i want to thank each and every
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one of you because you along with, of course, all of our great department heads, but in particular we continue to promise that when we bring this budget forward each year, we have that conversation. sometimes difficult, sometimes emotional, but always in support of our neighborhoods. and, so, when we come to each of the districts, each of you have been wonderful hosts. you have taken up a great responsibility to help all of us describe this budget because sometimes it's very hard to understand when people are just simply saying, i need to live in this city, i need to survive, i need to get a job, i need to have a safe neighborhood, i need to pay attention to the parks. i need to deal with all the things that perhaps the city doesn't provide. we need to pay attention to that. all those conversations have had -- each district has had a
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good opportunity to engage with our budget. so, i want to thank each of the supervisors for providing that kind of atmosphere where the budget could be discussed. in particular, this year for his first time, supervisor farrell led as the budget chair. i want to thank in particular his services for being there and having so many extra meetings on top of the ones he's had to find the consensus building that we needed. and then for he and supervisor eric mar, supervisor john avalos, supervisor london breed and supervisor scott wiener, all of them being great participants in the budget committee. thank you as a group, as part of the whole board, appreciate that very much. (applause) >> and again, i signalled at the beginning i was expecting cooperation from mr. rose. we got it.
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thank you very much for that cooperation. this budget is not only balanced, but it is a responsible budget. it is a fiscally responsible budget, one that we've learned over many years -- and when you look at other cities across the country who have not paid that kind of attention in their fiscal responsibility, you'll see some of the results that are horrible results to the rest of the country. and, so, we hope to continue being a model of how a balanced budget should have and fiscal prudence is always at a key cornerstone of it. we have the right attitude about our reserves and what we invest in. but this also is a budget about social responsibility and working with the board. and i know supervisor chiu is in abstein shad right now with another matter. but i want to thank him and his leadership as well ~.
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socially responsible budget also means that we engage our community leaders. we engage how we do services. we understand from the work of the departments that they can't do it alone. and, so, we look at all of our partners and have a budget that reflects the level of social responsibility that will carry out whether it's in the health area, in the homeless advocacy area, in the mental health area, all of the different needs. we have an opportunity and i want to thank the community-based organizations for being such effective leaders in our communities because without them we wouldn't, i think, accomplish the social responsibility that we all want. so, thank you cbos and community leaders for your participation. (applause) >> finally, this is also a budget that is about investment.
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it investments in our neighborhoods. it investments in our infrastructure. and in the broad way, it investments in our city's future. and the future is incredibly important to the people who are standing right in front of me, the young folks, because we've always said that our budget should reflect the values of the city. well, we're putting a lot of value in our youth so we have to invest in them. we have to invest in infrastructure that will last a long, long time and we'll have to invest in technology and all the future that we have. so, this is a very forward looking budget. it's a very expensive one, but it's a very forward looking one. and, so, when we look at the classes that we'll create, whether it's our police or fire or sheriff's department or all the other public safety departments that are challenged with heavy levels of retirement, or we're investing in departments programs or
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we're investing in education, like $105 million in our public school system in the next two years, people know what investment does. (applause) >> so, all of this, if you're a budget studier, you'll know that i'm speaking the absolute truth, that this is fiscally responsible, it's socially responsible, and it's great investment. and with that, i really want to again give a great thanks to all the departments that work hard, the people that work in capital planning, all the fiscal officers for each department that cuts to come in, to compliment the argumentses the department heads make. i value that because i often leaned on my fiscal entities in my departments that i served to be the thought provoker for me to make sure that i was able to look around the corner and anticipate costs. and, so, when we are now doing
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two-year budgets, we have to do a lot better anticipation. we have to have better tools to do that. that's why we lean on our controller and the auditors to give us a good look, our capital planners to give us good looks. five-year financial planning is no longer an exception, it is the norm. 10-year capital planning is now the norm. and we hope to breed that kind of fiscal approach to agencies that we don't fully control, but i know they appreciate it. whether it's a school district, the housing authority, city college, or all the other partners that we value, that they need to be a great part of this fiscal approach. then we can say to cities like detroit and others, we've got the answer, that you don't have to do what you did in the past or don't fall into the traps that we have the answer here in san francisco. and that will continue to be a
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consensus building approach taking care of our responsibilities. with that, i'd like to give the podium for a while to this year's chair of our budget committee, of course is mark farrell. (applause) >> well, thank you to mayor lee for his great leadership during this process. you know, after months of debate in city hall, after six town halls in our different neighborhoods, after an online town hall, i think what i'm most proud of today is that we're signing a budget that is not only representative of the mayor and his team and the board of supervisors, but as we stated in the beginning, we wanted a budget that reflected the values of san francisco, of all san francisco. and i think we've achieved that today. i want to take a quick moment to thank all those involved, starting off with my colleagues on the board of supervisors, to
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everyone. i think we had all 11 members there the night we signed our budget, late into the night. i want to in particular thank my budget and finance committee members as well that we serve together, and single out in particular john avalos, supervisor avalos for your leadership in this year's budget, supervisor avalos. (applause) >> who is real a great partnership working together. and i also want to thank so many people, but to quickly highlight what mayor lee mentioned and the people he mentioned ~. it's hard to -- you cannot overestimate how important so many people are in city hall to getting this budget done. it's a $7.9 billion budget. it's incredibly important and it matters to the residents of san francisco. and a few people in particular, first of all kate howard, the mayor's budget director. (applause)
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>> kate and her incredible team as well. every single person on kate's team. (applause) >> for those of you who don't know, they spend countless hours here in city hall, late, late nights, early mornings, hopefully no all nighters in particular, but without them we wouldn't be here today. to ben rosenfield, monique zamuda and the entire controller's office team, thank you so much. (applause) >> kate and ben were really partners in crime in getting this budget done and with us every step of the way and such an integral part of what we do. to harvey rose and his entire team, thank you, mr. rose, for all of your efforts. (applause) >> to severn and deborah, your entire team, thank you for
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making your funds available so we can redistribute them at the board. [laughter] >> and also mentioned earlier our city attorney's office, jon givner, our board city attorney and to his entire team, thank you all to our city attorney's office. (applause) >> and certainly everyone else from steve on down the entire mayor's staff that made this budget happen, thank you so much. and i want to give a special shout out from someone i continue to learn from on a daily basis, our former budget chair , assessor-recorder carmen chu. (applause) >> and last but not least the people i think at the end of the day are critical and most important, i want to thank the staff of all of the board of supervisors members. in particular, my staff kathrin stephanie is here who was on budget with me the whole year. thank you, kathrin. (applause)


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